Our Dog Kennels

In your absence, boarding is the best alternative for the care of your pets. Here at Abbeyvale Lodge, we provide your pets with a safe and caring environment

Abbeyvale Lodge is licensed for 80 dogs and complies with all the state and local government requirements.

We offer accommodation for both large and small dogs.

Below are some of the reason to choose Abbeyvale Lodge:

Large dogs are house in a kennel each measuring approximately 10 square metres. We have 8 concrete exercise areas each measuring 40 square metres, coverd with shade cloth to protect them from the hot summer sun and shield them from the cold winter wind. We also have 24 grassed areas measuring from 20-200 square metres
Small dogs are housed in a kennel each measuring approximately 6 square metres for eating, sleeping etc and an outside grassed area ranging from 30-40 square metres.
A 24 hours veterinary service is available
All kennels are equipped with canvas curtains on the outside which we close off at night to protect your pet from the cold nights.
Only quality, nutritionally balanced foods are offered. Special diets can be catered for on request
All kennels have either a trampoline style bed or a plastic pet basket each with vet bedding or blankets on them
All kennels and exercise areas are cleaned twice daily
All kennels are now fully air conditioned